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“Welcome to Titan Arms of Lakeland Florida.”

5711 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33813 | (863) 701-4077




Popular Items

Desert Tech
Spike"s Tactical
Pelican Coolers


It was founded in 1957 by Horst Blaser, developing the drilling Blaser Diplomat. In 1993, it developed the Blaser R93 straight-pull bolt-action hunting rifle, a major success in the European market because of its main focus in security and innovative bolt-action design. They were designed for reliability, speed, and accuracy..

Blaser R8 Rifles

A New Era of Perfection ... "The beginning of a new era of perfection" is how Blaser CEO Bernhard Knoebel characterized the launch of the Blaser R8 bolt action rifle.

Blaser F3 Shotguns

Blaser, long known for producing innovative and highly accurate rifles, entered the shotgun market with the release of the impressive Blaser F3 over and under shotgun.

Full Customization 

Blaser allows you to customize your rifle to meet your needs. You can chose your model, caliber, barrel, stock, receiver and accessories.


The Aimpoint AB is a manufacturing company founded in 1974 and is based in Malmö, Sweden.Their primary products are reflector (or reflex) sights, specifically the red dot sight sub-type. In 1975 they introduced their first commercial product,the "Aimpoint Electronic" red dot sight. This is claimed to be the first light-emitting diode "red dot" reflector sight ever manufactured.

The Aimpoint® Micro T-2

Cutting edge lens coatings radically improve the shape and clarity of the 2 MOA red dot and physical protection has been added for even more ruggedness. With a redesigned and reinforced house body, as well as flip-up covers protecting the lenses it can withstand all types of environmental conditions.

Aimpoint® H30L

Belonging to the new Hunter series of sights, this sight is ideal for use on rifles with standard or magnum actions, and it suits any hunter who desires the classic lines of a full length sight. It can be mounted using any standard 30 mm rings.

Micro H-2

With a redesigned and reinforced house body, as well as flip-up covers protecting the lenses, the Micro H-2 can withstand all types of environmental conditions. And thanks to new optical lenses and cutting edge lens coatings, the optical performance and the shape and clarity of the red dot are radically improved.


Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Cerakote ceramic coatings outperform competitive coatings in both laboratory settings and real world applications.

Patterns and Design

We can Cerakote firearms, weapons systems or other equipment coatings in a wide range of available Cerakote colors. Projects can be done as single color, two-tone and multi-tone as well as basic and complex camouflage.

Cerakote C-Series

For high-temp applications up to 1700°, such as suppressors and machinegun barrels, Cerakote C-Series has no equal. It's available in a wide range of colors to match the overall finish requirement of the firearm or weapons system.

Cerakote DFAC

With a redesigned and reinforced house body, as well as flip-up covers protecting the lenses, the Micro H-2 can withstand all types of environmental conditions. And thanks to new optical lenses and cutting edge lens coatings, the optical performance and the shape and clarity of the red dot are radically improved.

Nightforce Optics

Nightforce optics offer a system called "ZeroStop". After sighting in your rifle, simply set the ZeroStop™. Then, no matter how many elevation adjustments you make, turning the elevation knob down to the ZeroStop™ setting returns you to your original zero, completely by feel. No counting clicks, no need for visual reference, no wasted effort.

ATACR™ Riflescope

The all-new ATACR™—Advanced Tactical Riflescope—builds upon the long and successful history of our NXS™ series. The result is a riflescope of unprecedented long-range capability and image quality.


Why is the most advanced riflescope on the market today called the B.E.A.S.T.™?It has the first focal plane precision, a combination of technology and performance never before put into a riflescope, new standards of resolution, clarity, intelligent and intuitive.


Whether it’s securing a perimeter or taking down an angry Cape buffalo at 10 yards, there is no better scope on the market to keep the odds in your favor. The true one power of this low-profile riflescope, combined with our new Power Throw Lever makes it as quick as open sights and vastly more precise.

Desert Tech

Founded on protecting freedom and advocating civil rights, Desert Tech was born in May 2007. Desert Tech strongly believes every individual has the right to own firearms to protect themselves, their family, and their property. Desert Tech strives to be the company people turn to in need of firearms for both self-protection and recreational hunting.


The HTI was designed to operate under the hardest conditions and abuse. It utilizes high impact polymers, aircraft grade aluminum and ultra high strength steel.


The SRS-A1 is designed around the core components of accuracy with aircraft grade materials to minimize it's size and weight. It utilizes new technology polymer that increases it’s strength more than 150%for the same weight.


The MDR was designed for military, law enforcement and civilian users to be the most adaptive and portable auto loading rifle in the world. this is accomplished with a bullpup design, multi caliber capabilities and, and modularity.

Spike Tactical

The Spike's Tactical's line-up is designed as a fully Mil-spec compliant rifle series for law enforcement. This same level of quality and performance is now available to everyone, all at a price range that is affordable to shooters of any budget. Each component is manufactured to Mil-spec standards and backed by the Spike's Tactical Lifetime Warranty.

ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 9" BAR

*Spike's Tactical 16", 1:7 Twist, Mil-spec Barrel *Government Barrel Profile, Mid Length Gas System *F-marked A2 Front Sight Base, .750" Diameter Gas Seat *Spike's Tactical *Mil-spec M16 Bolt Carrier Group *9"B.A.R. *A2 Flash Hider *Mil-spec Lower Parts *ST-T2 Tungsten Buffer *ST M4 Stock

ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 9" BAR

*Spike’s Tactical 14.5” Lightweight CMV 1:7 Twist, Mil-Spec Barrel *ST low-Profile Gas Block .625 Diameter Gas Seat *5.56 mm NATO *12” ST MLOK Rail System *ST Dynacomp/D2 *Bible Verse Laser engraved on the side of the magwell *ST Enhanced Lower Parts Kit With The New Pro Grip *ST Lightweight Nickel Boron M16 Bolt Carrier Group *ST-T-2 Tungsten Buffer *Magpul CTR Stock w/ Enhanced Butt Pad *ST Billet Mag Release Button *MBUS Sights *ST Crusader lower with Integral Trigger Guard *ST M-4 Forged upper Receiver with Crusader Shield engraving *ST Billet Latch Plate

ST- Black Assassin 5.56 14.5

Spike's Tactical 14.5",Midlength, CHF, 1:7 Twist, Mil-spec Barrel *ST Lo-Profile Gas Block, .750" Diameter Gas Seat *Spike's Tactical Mil-spec Nickel Boron M16 Bolt Carrier Group *12" ST S.A.R. 3 *ST Dynacomp *ST Enhanced Lower Parts Kit *ST-T2 Tungsten Buffer *Magpul CTR Stock w/ Enhanced Butt Pad *ST Billet Mag Release Button *Norgon Ambi Mag Release *MBUS Sights *Weight of 6.65 lbs (with no magazine)


Magpul Industries Corporation is an American designer and manufacturer of polymer and composite high-tech firearms accessories. The corporate headquarters is based in Austin, Texas in the United States. Magpul manufactures a wide range of gun accessories. including *PMAGs *Buttstocks *MBUS Sights *Hand Guards *Rails *Grips *Slings and Mounts *Electronic Cases *Apparel

PMAG® 40 AR/M4 GEN M3™ 5.56X45MM NATO

The next-generation PMAG 40 GEN M3 is a 40-round 5.56x45 NATO (.223 Remington) polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons. Along with expanded feature set and compatibility, the GEN M3 incorporates new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability to exceed rigorous military performance specifications.


The MOE Fixed Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec Model (Magpul Original Equipment) provides a fixed, non-collapsing stock option for mil-spec size carbine-length buffer tubes. The MOE Fixed Carbine Stock has a slim profile, improved cheek weld, and multiple sling attachment options, and is compatible with the ASAP Plate and PRS Extended Rubber Butt Pad. Installation is non-armorer and does not require the castle nut or lock plate to be removed.


The MIAD (MIssion ADaptable) GEN 1.1 Grip is a drop-in replacement for the standard AR15/AR10 grip, now available in two dedicated configurations to fit most receivers. It is designed to improve ergonomics with interchangeable front and rear straps for personalized hand fit, an aggressive texture for positive weapon control, and is compatible with all Magpul grip cores to adapt to various storage needs.

Pelican™ Elite Coolers

*Certified bear-resistant *Sloped Drain & Tethered Threaded Plug (Garden Hose Attachable) *Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware *Integrated Fish Scale on Lid *Guaranteed for life *Made in USA *Custom Color Program *Up to 10 days ice retention, freezer grade gasket, 2" polyurethane insulation *Dual Handle System (Molded-in & Hinged Handles) *Press & Pull Latches (Wide for Gloved Use) *Molded-In Tie Downs *Non-Skid & Non-Marking Raised Feet *Molded-In Lock Hasp, Stainless Steel Plate

150QT Elite Cooler

*BODY: Polyethylene *LATCH: ABS *HANDLE: TPE *SPIGOT: Polypropylene *HARDWARE: Stainless Steel *INSULATION: Polyurethane *VOLUME: 150.00QT (141.95 liters) *INT VOLUME: 5.27 ft³ (0.149 m³) *INSULATION THICKNESS: 2.00" (5.1 cm) *WEIGHT: 66.00 lbs (29.9 kg) *CERTIFICATIONS: IGBC Certified Bear Resistant *CONFIGURATIONS *150QT - Standard

30QT Elite Cooler

*BODY: Polypropylene *LATCH: ABS *HANDLE: Polypropylene *SPIGOT: Polypropylene *HARDWARE: Stainless Steel *INSULATION: Polyurethane Foam *VOLUME: 32.95QT (31.18 liters) *INT VOLUME: 0.95 ft³ (0.027 m³) *INSULATION THICKNESS: 2.10" (5.3 cm) *WEIGHT: 21.67 lbs (9.8 kg) *CONFIGURATIONS *30QT - Standard

20QT Elite Cooler

T*BODY: Polyethylene *LATCH: ABS *HANDLE: TPE *SPIGOT: Polypropylene *HARDWARE: Stainless Steel *INSULATION: Polyurethane *VOLUME: 20.00QT (18.93 liters) *INT VOLUME: 0.75 ft³ (0.021 m³) *INSULATION THICKNESS: 1.16" (2.9 cm) *WEIGHT: 16.00 lbs (7.3 kg) *CERTIFICATIONS: IGBC Certified Bear Resistant *CONFIGURATIONS *20QT - Standard *20QT - College Program (Marine White only)

Contact US

Titan Arms

5711 South Florida Ave #4

Lakeland, Fl 33813




Business Hours

Monday 10 A.M. -12 P.M.

Tues - Fri 10 A.M. - 6 P.M

Saturday 10 A.M. – 2 P.M.

Sunday Closed



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