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September 9, 2022

Mexico | The 2023 economic package keeps fiscal equilibrium with little room for maneuver

The economic package reinforces the commitment to fiscal discipline by setting a target of 0.2% of GDP for the primary deficit and stability around 49.4% of GDP for the public debt.

September 9, 2022

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. September 09, 2022

In this publication you will find, on a weekly basis, our selection of the most relevant news regarding financial regulation.

September 9, 2022

Spain | Analysis of national tourist flows in real time between May and August of 2022

According to BBVA credit card spending data, between May and August of 2022 tourist spending by Spaniards outside their usual province of residence was 23 pp above the 2019 records (15 pp more than between January and Abril).

September 9, 2022

Peru | BCRP reduces the pace of monetary adjustment: is this the end of the hiking cycle?

The Board of the Central Bank decided to increase the monetary policy rate from 6.50% to 6.75% in September. The Bank tightened the monetary policy stance understood as the real ex-ante policy rate to a level slightly above neutral.
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September 8, 2022

Mexico | The vicissitudes of inflation and the effects on households

A monetary policy that carries the reference interest rate to an excessively restrictive terrain in a context where long-term inflation expectations remain well anchored can have counterproductive effects.

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